Your Toyota Prius Battery Life Span

In contrast to the others, Toyota Prius hybrid battery energy runs out faster because in reality they were just charged at 60%. This fact presents an opportunity for constructive braking. It is typical for the system to propose the battery charge level up to 15% more. As a result, the battery is by no means permitted to obtain full charge.

There is a hybrid battery scheme in the US that includes a guarantee of 8 years or 100,000 miles and this covers the Toyota Prius battery as it uses a hybrid battery. If you are an owner of a Toyota Prius, you can avail of a lengthier guarantee offered at 10 years or 150,000 miles, that is if you reside in California. Toyota issued a statement that not a single battery replacement has been made up to this day.

Established in a laboratory bench test for batteries, the life expectancy of nickel-metal hybrid batteries from Toyota is about 150,000 miles compared to other manufacturers who have merely a mileage of 36,000 or three years.

According to Toyota, the lifespan of a Prius battery is determined by the mileage not time or years. It has been concluded that the Prius battery can run 180,000 miles without a glitch although they were claiming that several Prius batteries have been used for over 200,000 miles, also without any glitch.

The anticipated lifetime of a Toyota Prius battery is around eight years and surely it can run a little more after that. When the time comes to change your battery, you can try one or all of the following options:

  • Purchase a brand new battery directly from a trader. Your wealth will be at least $4000 less after the purchase.
  • Go to eBay’s website and explore for some second hand Prius batteries. They cost less from $1500 to $2500 price scope. However, you will have to gamble and take the risk of not knowing its actual condition and quality.
  • Perhaps the better option can be seen on the internet. You can browse for articles or guidelines on how to restore your old Prius battery by means of the tools you already have at home, although a few individuals may feel they are not up to it. Do not despair as there are a lot of repair shops that are restoring batteries or repair shops that are willing to use the guidelines provided to do the job at around $500. This choice will save you more money than the previous options as majority of battery restorations were successful and you can enjoy driving your Prius once again.

Source by Jamie Brunson

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