How to Charge a Lithium Ion Battery

To charge your battery there are some precautions that you should have to increase the time that you can use it. The batteries are different, according to the constituent chemical elements and therefore they require different cares.

Charging lithium ion batteries

Such batteries have many advantages, compared to other types of batteries, as there is no memory effect and they have a greater capacity of energy storage.

In this type of battery, it is not necessary to make a first prolonged charge as with the nickel-cadmium. Such information does not reflect the reality. Only the nickel-cadmium batteries require this procedure.

One aspect that is important to note is that there are no speed chargers for this type of batteries, or chargers that prolong the life of these batteries. This battery has the disadvantage of losing its storage capacity after some time, whether used or not. There are factors that will prevent a faster aging, such as storage at low temperatures and store them with about half its capacity, but this is a care you should have with any battery and do not reverse the aging that has occurred within the battery.

Charging this battery with high voltages can cause the battery to overheat and explode, or burns. To avoid such accidents, batteries are manufactured with a safety circuit. This circuit stops the current if the values ​​considered safe for the battery are exceeded.

For this reason, in case you need a lithium ion battery, you should always opt for authorized manufacturers. Batteries purchased at low prices may seem a good deal but they are a security risk because they do not include this circuit that prevails overcharging of the battery at the time of charging. By opting for a battery of an unauthorized manufacturer, accidents may occur with your equipment. Also the charger should be an appropriate charger for the battery, since it is necessary that the battery is charged to a correct voltage to increase the lifetime of it and avoid any accidents due to overheating.

One thing you should do to prolong the life of your battery is not let it charge completely. It will last longer if you do small chargers than allow it to empty completely. However, a full charge and discharge cycle may be necessary to calibrate the battery. This calibration should be carried out when necessary and not as a routine action.

Source by Pinto Guerra

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